SW3P 6.3 Carbon Steel Self Drilling Screws

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  • Application:

    For Overlap stitching of profiled sheet

  • Properties:

    Case hardened steel
    Galvanized Steel EPDM bonded sealing washer
    Comes in two High Performance Coatings
    UltraDuro developed to withstand minimum 1,000 hours of Salt Spary Test as per ASTM B117
    XtroZon developed to withstand minimum 1,500 hours of Salt Spary Test as per ASTM B117
    Drilling Capacity 6.5 mm

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Product Code Screw Diameter Length of Screw Clamping Thickness Thread Type Drill Point Drill Capacity Washer Dia. Coating
SW3P63X2519ULD #14 [6.3 mm] 25 mm 0-09 mm BSD # 3 6.5 mm 19 mm ULTRADURO

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