About Us

About Us

SWENN, having incorporated in 1998, has developed a range of fasteners and fixing systems to satisfy the demand of challenge-driven requirements for construction and industrial sectors. Once we have laid the foundation in this field to provide quality fasteners, we have never been taken aback and kept ourselves promisingly on a path of improvement and growth.

We have started our venture to fulfill the demands of quality fasteners for construction sector with “Self-Drilling and Self-Tapping Screws”. As the journey began, we have dedicated our odyssey to find innovative solutions to combat the existent or forthcoming problems.

It was not so long after our first screw set to market, when we have realized the potential of market to diversified fasteners and fixing system. And thus we have launched new products in succession. As we set our mission “To become leader in Manufacture and Supply of quality Fasteners and Fixing Systems”, we have taken every measure to meet or exceed the quality requirement of international standards with no exception of failure.

SWENN was established with a vision to instill and stimulate the creativity within every individual working with us. And this vision has become a culture today.

As rightly put in our vision statement, “We aim to encourage and nurture the individual’s talent towards creation and re-creation of ideas benefitting the individuals, society and our company. And we firmly believe collaboration of minds and hands are essential to achieve higher goals in every succession of time. This is our quest to make ourselves self-sustainable by continual improvement, so that time will see us differently throughout its eternity.

And we have not left any stone un-turned to materialize our vision of achieving higher goals.  We have established systematic documented procedures for quality assurance, quality control plans, safety, process control, engineering designs and maintenance. We have established the R&D facility to provide unique solution to the challenges of fastening in construction and industrial sectors. Our R&D facility is fully equipped with state-of-art modern equipment. We are constantly developing our products to meet the increasing expectations of the customers. We value our brand which has become epitome of quality fasteners over the years.

We are one of the largest exporters of fasteners in U.A.E, GCC and North Africa. Whereas 40% of the total sales is contributed from the products exported globally to countries such as Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong-Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Sweden etc.



Quality Control Laboratory is indispensable for any manufacturing unit, since it ensures the conformance of product quality to international standards through testing. And to facilitate all the required testing within the purview of the standards, we have equipped our quality control lab with advance testing equipment.

As a core testing facility to corroborate the products quality, our quality control laboratory has adopted and implemented a laboratory management system in line with ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

The integration of laboratory management system with the overall quality management system has been made which demonstrated a conducive result signifying collective increase in performance of system.

The quality control laboratory conducts the entire essential test in-house to certify the final product quality. This includes the quality checks at key manufacturing steps.

These quality checks at various steps of manufacturing are virtually an evaluation to approve the process parameters. The results of these quality checks combined with process parameters are analyzed, recorded and communicated.